The Most sophisticated Away from home washroom Market was developed by leading perfumers using research into fragrance preferences.

Selected and validated in tests as the preferred fragrances by Away from Home Washrooms users.

Rotating fragrances overcome fragrance fatigue and raise awareness that an odour control system is in operation.

  • One system covers an area of 250/300 sq. ft.
  • Safety Certified.
  • MSDS available.
  • Choice of Multiple Fragrances.
  • To suit Different Environments & Preferences.


  • Guaranteed continuous strength, dispensing of odour controlling   neutralizers and fragrances for up to 30 /60 days per refill.
  • Delivers more fragrance.
  • Compact, attractive design enhances washroom image.
  • Innovative design and advanced chip technology combine to deliver consistent levels of fragrances, whatever the size of the washroom.
  • User-friendly programming allows customized options.
  • Fresche various fragrance refills 250 ml ( 3000 shots )
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