• The System
    • Foam Soap delivers the perfect balance between luxury and value to give you the most popular development in hand care – foaming soaps. This innovative foam system provides the highest quality soap formulas in an extremely efficient dispensing system. Its delivers over 2000 hand washes per refill – up to a 40% saving over bath traditional liquid soaps and competitors foam soap.
  • The Technology:
    • This Ultra hygiene system features a new foaming pump with every self-enclosed, disposable refill so there is no mess, no clogging and no leaks. The unique pump dispenser pre-lathered rich foam soap inti the palm of your hand for a luxurious hand washing experience.
  • The Advantages
    • High quality soaps encourage use – Unique formulations with extra dense bubbles and enhanced foam boosters deliver a thicker, richer pre-foamed lather that caresses hands while it clean for a luxury hand washing experience.
    • Improved hygiene – Completely disposable refill with a new pump every time ensure fresh clean soap. Dispenser handle is infused with permanent antimicrobial silver ion treatment that helps reduce the risk of cross contamination.
    • Cost saving – Delivers over 2000 hand washes per refill to give you up to 40% saving over traditional liquid soap and other foam soaps. Innovative metered pump dispenses 0.4 ml with each push vs 0.7 -1.5 ml from conventional systems.
    • Low maintainance – More hand washes means refills last longer reducing labor, plus the unque system is designed to work every time… no downtime, dripping or clogging.
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