Technical Concepts leads the quality markets worldwide, promising to market products of consistently high quality standards that meet customers' expectations of safety, efficiency, presentation and function. Defined quality control processes and procedures are adhered to throughout product development and manufacturing cycles to ensure product performance and customer satisfaction.

All Neutralle formulations are thoroughly tested and comply with EC legislation and each system carries 'CE' markings and extensive guarantees.

Quality Assurance

Only European ISO9000 approved companies can guarantee the quality and consistency of each and every production run.

Technical Concepts operates a quality control programme that delivers

  • Statistical process controls at all manufacturing plants.
  • ISO approved quality control checks and records on all production batches.
  • Supplier certification.
  • Product testing and compliance with EU legislation.
  • CE testing and approval by independent testing houses.
  • Full product traceability.

Health & Safety

Current health and safety legislation, designed to protect people in the work place, places responsibilities on employers, employees, the self-employed, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, installers and people in control of work premises.

Technical Concepts is an ISO9000 registered company. Compliance to health and safety legislation is a priority in all aspects of product development, manufacturing, packaging and labelling. Consistent quality and safety standards are maintained through stringent quality control procedures.

  • All components used in Neutralle formulations are on Annex 1 of the new EU approved chemical list.
  • Any Neutralle product that contains at least 0.1% of a substance that is classified by the EU as sensitising is clearly listed on the product label in compliance with the latest EU labelling directive, known as CHIP 3.
  • Neutralle aerosol products do not contain commonly used but potentially harmful components, such as glycol ethers and nonyl phenols (linked to testicular cancer and a possible cause of harm to unborn babies).
  • Only European ISO9000 registered companies, that guarantee the quality and consistency of each and every production run to the same exact formulation every time, produce and fill Neutralle refills.
  • All Neutralle labels reflect the latest EU directives, clearly displaying any appropriate warnings.
  • Technical Concepts actively promotes the use of Biodegradeable formulations and chemicals in al their products.
  • All Neutralle products are registered in the individual countries as appropriate or where required.
  • Technical Concepts does not test any of its products or ingredients on human beings or animals.
  • The formulations supplied by Technical Concepts are ozone friendly and do not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer
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