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The most environmentally safe and effective solution to all of these problems is the use of biochemical cleaning products, combined with autodispensers, as an integral part of the Water Management System. Technical Concepts uses the latest technological developments in both of theses areas.

NEUTRALLE® bio-formulations from Technical Concepts include the very latest biochemical technology. This includes use of ‘friendly’ bacteria that are specially selected for their
ability to consume the molecules that cause mal-odour quicker than the ‘bad’ bacteria can produce them. They break down uric scale and other organic materials that cause blockages. This is achieved since these bacteria can produce a wide range of ‘enzymes’which are used to cut down these waste materials into smaller, digestible pieces. When activated they then form a useful ‘biofilm’ on pipework that reduces buildup of uric scale and limescale.

With over 100 million friendly bacteria per millilitre NEUTRALLE® products are amongst the most highly concentrated products in the market place. The unique formulation ensures that these bacteria are activated quickly, and the dispensing mechanism ensures that high concentrations are maintained in the toilet or urinal at all times, and not simply flushed away as happens with other similar products.

The TC system effectively controls mal-odour and blockages in toilets and urinals with minimal flushing water consumption. It is a cost effective and environmentally conscious approach to ensuring washroom cleanliness and customer satisfaction.

Technical Concepts Biochemical formations are currently available for the two NEUTRALLE® hygiene systems, the AUTOJANITOR™' (BioFlush and BioSense with Orange) and AUTOSANTISER (Bio-Purinel) are currently available.The company has also recently introduced a combined water management and hygiene system - The AutoHygiene system - designed for washrooms equipped with a header tank serving multiple urinal fixtures.

For more information about NEUTRALLE® products and systems, or for advice on solving odour problems
in the washroom, please contact:The NEUTRALLE® Resource Bureau on 0800 197 0111 (all calls are FREE)


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